04 Mar

Yes, good sex is delicious, it is clear to us. But it can also do great things for your health, even if it's not what you have in mind when practicing it. The next time you say –or hear– a 'my head hurts' ´to avoid an intimate encounter... think twice because, in fact, sex is the best remedy to forget about a migraine. Discover here ALL the benefits that sex can offer to your health! 

Counts as Exercise 

Sex can make you burn up to five calories per minute. It obviously doesn't replace a session on the elliptical, but it does put your heart and more muscles to work than you might imagine. If you do it periodically, as in a fitness routine, you will notice progressive results. 

Stable Pressure 

Sexologists in Delhi suggest that there is a relationship between sex and low blood pressure, especially systolic blood pressure, which is responsible for circulating blood through the blood vessels correctly and thus ensuring that oxygen and nutrients reach every corner of your body. body. 

Less Stress 

A study from the University of the West of Scotland reveals that people who have sex at least once every two weeks tend to handle stressful situations better. This happens because endorphins and oxytocin are released, hormones that help reduce states of anxiety and depression. 

Oh Pain... 

...You didn't hit me anymore. As we told you before, forget about 'my head hurts'. The flood of hormones produced after an orgasm is capable of relieving pain, as they produce an effect similar to that of morphine, according to the best sexologist in Delhi

In Your Defense 

And your immune system. Scientists at the Wilkes University of Pennsylvania discovered that people who have sex frequently increase their defenses and antibodies, being less likely to contract diseases such as common colds and even breast or prostate cancer. 

From Heart 

Even if you have love problems, rest assured that your heart will appreciate those moments of action. People who have sex about twice a week are up to 45% less likely to develop heart conditions. 

Always Alert 

The aerobic exercise you do during a hot session is linked to a much slower brain aging process. This means that you will maintain better mental clarity and responsiveness even when you reach your 'granny' stage. 

Skin of 10 

If you add a little sex to your must products, your skin will notice the difference! If you've always wondered what that baby-complexioned friend of yours wears, she better find out how often she gives vent to her instincts. By increasing blood circulation, it increases oxygen production and the possibility of looking younger. 

Spectacular Mane 

Just like your skin, your hair also receives the benefits of an active sex life. How? Increasing your body's ability to receive and metabolize nutrients effectively. 

More, More And More! 

The more sex you have, the more your libido will increase and all the above points will be more evident. As if that were not enough, it will increase your self-esteem and, as they paint it in the movies, you will be in a very good mood.

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